Her network sets Kristal apart. Many excellent real estate investments never hit the open market; they change hands through personal or business relationships. Kristal has developed and fostered key alliances with real estate professionals across Alberta, which ensures Mahalo Properties is top of mind when real estate investment opportunities arise. She has established her reputation as a buyer, not a tire-kicker, never wasting sellers and realtors’ time. Investors who work with her gain access to her extensive network and the high quality opportunities that come with it.

Research & Analysis

Kristal’s master’s degree honed her critical thinking skills which she applies to her analysis of real estate investments. She knows how to study the economy, markets, cities, and communities and source out opportunities. Where there is opportunity for growth, there are people and people need a place to live and work. That’s where we aim to place Mahalo’s properties.


It is Mahalo’s goal to provide a memorable experience for tenants and investors alike. We operate from a place of integrity, authenticity and attention to detail. This approach fosters strong relationships while our level of service solidifies those relationships for years to come.