Helping tenants become homeowners.

Mahalo’s goal is to bring integrity back to the rent to own business.

How our rent-to-own program is unique

We do a tenant-first program where we screen the tenant, then they go shopping for a home, and get to enjoy that genuine home-buying experience. They aren’t forced to choose from a stock of Mahalo rental properties to rent to own. Instead, they get to select a property in a neighborhood they want to live in. Then they sit down with a mortgage broker at the outset to devise a plan and a timeline to home ownership.

Is your goal to own your own home? We can help you reach your goal sooner than you thought possible!

At Mahalo, we provide a road map with road signs – the destination being you in your own home. You will have access to a mortgage broker throughout the RTO period, and the mortgage broker checks in quarterly to ensure that the plan you devised together at the outset is working out and is on time. This enables you to feel heard and supported throughout the process while being empowered toward home ownership.

No matter what your financial picture looks like, we can help you buy a home of your own right now.

But what if I have less than stellar credit?

If the banks have turned you away because you don’t have perfect credit or you don’t meet their strict lending requirements, all is not lost. Our credit experts will guide you every step of the journey to obtaining a mortgage.

Do you still see roadblocks?

But I don’t have a huge down payment.

Good news…if you are putting off buying a home because you think you need a large down payment to get the home you want, we’ll show you that this may not be the case.  You will need some money, yes, but you may be surprised at how little.

Why not be your own landlord and start building a future of financial security?

In the long run, spending your money on a rent payment only provides you with a place to live; you’re left with nothing in the end. If you continue to rent, you are paying your landlord’s mortgage, not your own. By putting your money into a house payment instead of just rent, you create EQUITY… value that you own. This can be the foundation for a complete change in your financial future. You can use that equity later to send your kids to college, finance the start‐up of your own business, buy your next home or fund your retirement – the possibilities are endless!

Why wait when we can help you own your own home NOW?

At Mahalo, we invite you to see how the opportunity to own your own home might move from dream to reality. Also, owning your own home instead of renting not only makes financial sense, you will gain confidence in taking this significant step to secure your future.

Imagine this – you can make your home your own special place.

  • Paint with whatever colors suit you and feel right.
  • Do renovations whenever you want.
  • Put as many pictures on the wall as you like.
  • Plant a vegetable garden.
  • Invite friends over to show off your handiwork.

If you are ready to take the first step, give us a call.