Think outside the stocks.

We position ourselves purposefully for the economic growth and rental demand on the horizon. We invite you to join us, and get ahead of the wave.

Are you ready to consider an alternative investment strategy?

Have you thought about generating passive income through real estate investing? Are you interested in real estate investments but don’t want to be a landlord?

At Mahalo Properties, we offer a turn-key real estate investment solution. You invest in a property with us, we manage the tenants and property maintenance, and you reap the worry-free rewards.

Strong. Stable. Sustainable.

Real estate investments, like all investments, involve both opportunity and risk. There are no guarantees that real estate will rise in value, in fact, it could drop in value.

At Mahalo Properties, we put our expertise in research and analysis of Alberta’s economics, cities, neighbourhoods and properties to work to uncover the best opportunities available in key markets for real estate investment.  This results in the best possible return on your investment dollars.

We do all of the heavy lifting—you get to sit back and watch growth happen.

We provide an alternative investment strategy for investors who recognize the value of real estate investments but who don’t have the time or inclination to handle the details.  We give you the opportunity to invest in real estate without needing to deal with the day to day issues involved in owning property.

Investor peace of mind is of utmost importance to Mahalo Properties. Each partnership is governed by a mutually beneficial joint venture agreement prepared and modified by a real estate lawyer with 40 years of experience in the business.

Is Mahalo a fit for you?

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The best time to invest in real estate was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.

– Don R. Campbell